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Why digitization

Although the project of digitization of paintings is not a complete novelty in the Czech Republic, it is still a technology that is used by only a small percentage of artists. And while we love original paintings and art that can be touched, we are also attracted by the modern world of digital art and its ever-expanding possibilities in the future. That is why we decided to digitize the first series of our works. Specifically, the entire Element series, which consists of a total of 13 paintings and is the 13th painted, is also the 100th jubilee painting from the work of Vild Art.

Where are we heading to?

This series is the first unique collection that we plan to publish as digitized works. However, we are also planning other NFT projects and we have prepared benefits for all token holders that others will not have. At the moment, our vision is not only to enter the digitized world of originals and clear art owners without copyright disputes, but also to create our own virtual gallery of our work in Metaverse.


Thanks to digitization and emerging plots in virtual reality, we have a unique opportunity to open our own gallery, once. Yes, we still plan to exhibit our physical works in the original premises. However, our work is limited and the purchased paintings disappear into the houses and offices of their new owners. In the digital gallery, however, you will not only feel like you are in a new world, but it will also give you the opportunity to see our entire work, find out the value of the works, whether they have an owner or whether they are being offered for sale. Thanks to the unique codes, you will verify their authenticity and, thanks to the increasing quality of digitization, you will see even the smallest details of the newly digitized works.

First Edition

The sale of our first series of digitized works has its rules.

The buyer of original paintings from the Element series always has a pre-emptive right to NFT Original, which is the same size as the original painting and the first NFT Middle and the first NFT Small from the entire series. Only if the buyer of the physical image does not take advantage of this, we will offer these first NFTs for sale. The other NFT Middle with a size of 1/3 of the original painting and the NFT Small with a size of 1/9 of the original painting will be on sale to the general public immediately, but only in limited quantities.

The sale will start on May 5, 2022 during our Vernissage of Paintings in Prague’s Rock Café.

For collectors and investors, we have prepared discounted complete packages of our entire series of works. It will contain 1x original painting, 1x NFT Original, 1x NFT Middle and 1x NFT small + 12x NFT small for free.

The first edition consists of:

13 x NFT Original – 0,7 ETH

156 x NFT Middle (only 12 x NFT Middle of each painting) – 0,25 ETH

1560 x NFT Small (only 120x NFT Small of each painting) – od 0,05 ETH


We also have collector’s hand-signed cards ready for the first 500 buyers of NFT Small. After the sale of the first 500 pieces of NFT Small, we will close the sale with trading cards and increase the price of NFT Small. The first buyers thus gain the first advantage of the price and the card.


Digitization brings many benefits, especially in the field of investment. We do not plan to dilute our digitized works by publishing more copies. Each series will always have a clearly defined number and it will be finite. So if you are thinking as a collector or investor, you will certainly appreciate this form of maintaining originality and price. Surely you will also be interested in the current development of prices of our works of art. Therefore, on the basis of all documents issued so far, which each buyer has always received from us, we have compiled a graph of price development, which we will update regularly. Prices are in Crowns.

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Benefits for holders of our NFTs

We have prepared specific benefits for holders of our artwork tokens.

For the first 500 buyers of NFT small, we have prepared hand-signed original cards with a unique code used to transfer NFT to your crypto-wallet.

If you own 1 or more of any NFTs from our collection, you will automatically have access to pre-sales closed offers of our new works.

Owners of 13 or more of any NFT will automatically get free access to our upcoming virtual gallery in the metaverse, which we will launch when the value of digital works sales reaches 10 ETH.