Abstract paintings

Paintress Šárka Vildová and her husband Martin founded this unique artistic concept in 2019, in order to build on the previous work of Šárka and at the same time enrich her entire artistic style with new possibilities.

Vild Art

Without exception, there is only one artist under the Vild Art brand, and that is Šárka Vildová. Together with her husband Martin, who takes care of the entire company, they founded a brand that currently deals with purely abstract creation. The paintings created under the Vild Art brand will captivate you with their uniqueness, liveliness of paintings and attention to detail, thanks to which you will be happy to always return to the paintings and you will always find something new in them.

In my work I love to experiment and combine various techniques, that add a different dimension to paintings than classical painting.

More than 20 years of active creation brought a joint project Vild Art.

abstraktní luxusní obrazy Vild art šárka vildová malířka


Limited series of certified reproductions. 

For the reproductions we have specially prepared a separate series of paintings that will be slightly different from our original paintings.