We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions about our original paintings and reproductions.

Teď a tady 120x120 cm vild art abstraktní luxusní obrazy a reprodukce

If you are interested in our paintings, please contact us via our contact form in the contact section or call Martin directly at +420 608 373 424.

Our work is mostly custom, but we also try to add free work to the offer.

At the moment, the only free work for sale will be at the exhibition in Prague's Gram na Vinohrady from 11.4. – 14/05/2024.

Yes, we mostly paint custom paintings. We will be happy to meet you in person or in another form, discuss your idea and our options for making an order. 

The regular price of our original paintings is from 50,000 CZK. It always depends on the specific work, its difficulty, size, technique and other aspects of the entire process. We therefore always deal with specific prices individually.

Part of the final image is, of course, a proof of purchase, a certificate of authenticity and everything is signed to prevent the authenticity of our works from being questioned in the future. 

Yes, in the section Reproduction you will find a collection of special limited edition paintings in the highest print quality at affordable prices with certificates of authenticity to please those of you who do not have enough funds for an original painting and would still like to own one of our paintings.

Most of our paintings are acrylics, but this year we launched our first oil painting and due to its great success we plan to continue this.

Yes. You can hang our paintings according to your preferences. The painting will be signed only after your confirmation.

Yes. The foreign exhibition is planned for March 2025. We will gradually publish more information.